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# 1 - Posted on 7/8/2015 2:10:03

So I apparently missed this game coming out digitally like 4 years ago! I loaded up my 360 to play Skylanders Giants and decided to browse the arcade titles for a minute since it had been a really long time (as in years) since the last time I did that. Once I saw this HD-ified port of Daytona USA, I immediately downloaded the demo. Meanwhile, I ran across a plethora of additional games that I've been missing out on, like Earthworm Jim HD (with co-op, ahhh!) and Guardian Heroes (which I vaguely remember being released on there).

Needless to say, I gave Sega my $9.99 and didn't even get around to loading up Skylanders haha! I wonder why Sega didn't port these awesome games (Fighting Vipers is on there too) to Steam like they did with Nights, Jet Set Radio, etc?