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This may be my proudest gaming achievement to date. I wanted to share this with you all out of my overwhelming excitement. I'm only 10 seconds shy of the world record (to my knowledge) but I believe my technique is a bit better.

I also wanted to take a moment to mention that I finally have a YouTube channel! I'm starting with mainly Metal Gear videos, but I'm going to branch out and do other games as well. If you folks would like to see me play something, please let me know here!

Thanks and don't forget to subscribe!

YouTube Channel:

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Cool! Good luck with the channel! I'd check out the video, but I'm avoiding spoiling myself on this game until I get around to playing it.

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Thanks! Luckily, this game is only an overture to The Phantom Pain, and I did not include any cutscenes in this playthrough, so it is spoiler free. It is a very short mission can take most people around an hour or so to complete. With some practice, I was able to find an optimal path.

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