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# 1 - Posted on 12/28/2016 21:58:01


Apparently, they're adding the ability to play through the entire game as Duke Nukem...

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# 2 - Posted on 12/29/2016 1:52:13

4k sure looks pretty, but this is an odd game to go to such great lengths for I think. It was quite forgettable as far as FPS go, although it does seem quite fun from the looks of it (I've never played it) for those welcomed to the genre. Still, I wouldn't go to such great lengths to experience the game in such high quality, only really because it doesn't interest me that much (or most FPS games for that matter). I'm sure there are quite a few people looking forward to it nonetheless.

On a side note, I feel like the game looks drastically too sharp and colorful for me to pleasantly enjoy for a great length of time, or maybe it's just me not really "used" to 4k yet? I'm not sure...

Have you upgraded to 4k? Or is this on your wishlist? :P

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Nope to the 4k upgrade.

I've played Bulletstorm and had a blast with it. I agree with the odd choice of pushing this up to 4k.

I do find it interesting that they're adding in Duke Nukem to the fold, though.

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# 4 - Posted on 12/29/2016 11:44:46

I certainly don't have the hardware to support 4K, but I am interested in a re-release of this game for two reasons:

  • It will hopefully be "Steam-ified" rather than having the silly Games for Windows Live junk in it
  • It means at least somebody cares about the franchise and maybe we'll eventually see a sequel

I really enjoyed Bulletstorm and thought it was a refreshing take on the genre by focusing on doing ridiculous stuff and building up points. Adding Duke Nukem is just icing on the cake :D

My only real concern is the price. It's launching at $49.99, which seems really high.

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# 5 - Posted on 12/29/2016 15:28:32

Yeah, the price point is high but I'm sure it'll fall pretty fast. I'm curious if those who own the original game will see a discount...or perhaps, it'll be free? :)

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# 6 - Posted on 12/29/2016 15:48:17

In terms of a sequel, it would seem to make more sense that they actually work and release one prior to a graphics overhaul and upscale. At least that's my opinion. I've been hearing many positive things about the game, so I'm a bit puzzled as to why it never got a sequel, but instead got this kind of opportunity.