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# 1 - Posted on 2/11/2018 22:40:10

Hey guys, so I've been debating on remasters of games and how to list them on the site as either finished or not. For example, I finished Kingdom Hearts 1 on PS2 when it came out so I've marked it finished.

I own the HD remasters on PS3 and PS4. Now do I mark Kingdom Hearts 1 on those as finished even though I finished the PS2 version? Because I could replay through it on PS3 or PS4, but with my backlog I don't think I need to replay games I've finished before. I gotta move on to unfinished stuff like Kingdom Hearts 2.

Which then is the opposite, I would play the PS4 version of Kingdom Hearts 2 and upon finishing it should I go and mark the original PS2 version as finished?

So what do you think? Marking the PS3 and PS4 version of Kingdom Hearts as finished even though it's likely I'll never even actually play those versions.

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# 2 - Posted on 2/12/2018 1:53:29

Excellent question! Unless I'm mistaken, I think I've generally followed a "if you didn't finish that particular version, don't mark it as finished". So in your scenario, I would not mark Kingdom Hearts on PS3 / PS4 as complete. Kingdom Hearts is particularly tricky since it had some content changes (hence the various "mixes") and such. That being said, if I had actually finished Kingdom Hearts (one of these days...), it's unlikely I would ever play the PS3 or PS4 versions, so they would stay unfinished in my collection. For me, that's where the "Never Playing" status comes in. For example, in my collection I have Quake on Saturn marked as Never Playing since I have no interest in ever playing it on that platform (digging into why I own a game I'm not going to play is a separate discussion hehe).

Everyone's different though, so hopefully the site provides enough flexibility to allow everyone to track things they way they want to

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You make a good point with the "Never Playing" status. Which also removes the game from the backlog as well, correct? I may go this route, as I was on the same page as you with each version should be finished to mark it as such.

I'm currently in the same predicament with the God of War games.

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