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# 1 - Posted on 6/27/2020 11:34:19

What would you like the theme to be?
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  • Lightgun Games - Better bust out the CRT for this one.
  • moho_00's Bruises - This is a weird one, but there have been plenty of games that I had to either thrown in the towel because they were too hard or I barely made it to the finish line. Perhaps the community would have better luck with these! Some potential examples are Zero Tolerance, Street Fighter 2010, Tomb Raider III, Commandos, etc.
  • The Number 64 - Only games with "64" somewhere in their title...that should narrow down the platform options a bit.
  • Summer Games - Games filled with sunshine, beaches, and anything summer-related.
  • Taito Games - Only games that were developed and / or published by Taito.
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# 2 - Posted on 6/30/2020 22:01:31

Our theme will be Summer Games and I've pre-loaded some bounties!

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# 3 - Posted on 7/18/2020 8:10:26

Hi! I'm so exited to join more bounties, but since I'm absolutely useless in any action-packed game, I play almost only point-and-click adventures and puzzle games. Would like to see more of those in the bounties! I think the last thing that convinced me to sign up for the website was that Grim Fandango was in the bounties, even though I joined to late to be able to complete it within the time limit. Runaway: the Dream of the Turtle and a lot of Broken Sword games are great Summer games, for example, I would even replay them for a bounty:)) Ideally, I would like to see one point-and-click adventure in bounties at all times, but I know it doesn't always go with the theme. So at least sometimes:))))