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This is shatterdpixel's journey of getting to 100% completion of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
I have about 6 posts backlogged.
Mii Name: TstSbjct1
Requirements: 5000 coins to get every part, 3 stars on every cc. also beat every staff ghost.
Playtime: 0:00:00 (START)

First Step: 3 star mushroom cup, 50cc
(also for the coins, i will update about every 100 coins. anyways im starting now,

Anyways, we got past the first cup in 50cc after 14 and a half minutes! I now have 35 coins
Playtime: (0:14:49)

oh uh forgot to say, doing flower cup next

Flower Cup has been completed! it took me just over 16 minutes, and now i have 74 coins. Next up is the Star Cup, which features some popular tracks such as Mount Wario and Dolphin Shoals.
(Playtime: 0:31:17)

tar cup is done, nearly had to redo it at the second track (fucking morton got too close for comfort....) took about 15 and a half minutes. i have gotten 105 coins... Crown cup is up next,
(playtime: 0:46:54)

Crown Cup has been finished, took me about 15 minutes, accidentally forgot to split. I now have 139 coins.
Achievement Acquired: Nitro Cups 50cc Finished!
Shell cup is next, I've done 16 tracks on 50cc,
(Playtime: 1:02:27)

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Shell Cup has been finished, taking just under 13 minutes, making it the shortest cup yet. I now have 179 coins, which means its the first time I've gotten all 40 coins possible in a cup, next up is Banana Cup. This was my final cup tonight.
(Playtime: 1:15:21)
Good night everyone!

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Psych, im doing banana cup today hahaha, taking just about 15 minutes, I'm now at 214 coins.
Next up is Leaf Cup
Also i got approximately 1/25th of the coins needed so far, so thats cool
At this rate, finishing every 50cc cup is gonna take about 3 hours, half way there! (then i gotta do it all over again but whatever...)

(Playtime: 1:30:27)

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I have finished the Leaf Cup, I'm now at 250 coins, 5% of the way there! This cup took about 16 and a half minutes.
Next up is the Lightning cup, then we move onto the DLC tracks.
(Playtime: 1:46:48)

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Lightning Cup has been finished, it took 14 and a half minutes.
Achievement Acquired: All retro tracks 50cc completed
I have gotten 277 coins
Next up is Egg Cup, the very first DLC Cup
(Playtime: 2:01:29) We have reached 2 hours!

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Hello there, I got the egg cup finished in 14 minutes, and I now have 313 coins, The next cup is the Crossing Cup, featuring well known tracks such as Baby Park and Wild Woods.
Playtime: 2:15:27

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Crossing Cup has been finished in just under 14 minutes. I now have 350 coins, next cup is the Triforce Cup, featuring Wario's Gold Mine, Rainbow Road, and Hyrule Circuit.
(Playtime: 2:29:21)

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The Triforce Cup has been completed! It took me just 14 and a half minutes. i now have 382 coins. We are almost done with 50cc! God its taken me over 2 and a half hours to get to this point, but I'm glad its finally ending. Just 4 more tracks to go. Those 4 tracks are Neo Bowser City, Ribbon Road, Super Bell Subway, and Big Blue. Not my personal favorites, but they're alright (except for ribbon road, why did it have to be now...
(Playtime: 2:43:41)

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I DID IT I FINALLY BEAT EVERY COURSE ON 50CC LETS GOOOOOOO, this cup took me just about 13 minutes and 34 seconds. I'm currently watching the credits so idk how many coins i got, but we are gonna do 100cc next.

Achievement Acquired: Beat 50cc!
Total Playtime: 2:57:15

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oh i uh beat mushroom cup on 100cc, im playing some online for a bit because its been a bit mindnumbin y'know?