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SenorMexicano Backer Posts: 56 Registered: 9/20/2018
# 27 - Posted on 6/26/2020 18:39:59

  1. PC - Can play basically anything lol. The easy ability to upgrade is super useful. The game list is almost endless.
  2. Wii - This is an amazing console when modded. You can play just about anything that came out prior to the Wii on it. Really great budget emulation device.
  3. Xbox One - Similarly, the Xbox One library combined with the 360's and OG Xbox's was a really great move. Game Pass is also one of the coolest features I've seen in recent times. Lots of games you can play here and for cheap too!
Shibodo Posts: 2 Registered: 7/18/2020
# 28 - Posted on 7/19/2020 22:57:17

Honestly, trying to pick a favourite console for myself is near impossible. There's so many different platforms that I like out there, each with their own unique reasons why.
The Gamecube rocks, though. :)

Bisen13 Posts: 2 Registered: 3/12/2021
# 29 - Posted on 3/12/2021 17:50:45

  1. Nes - I like to play platformers that dont take a alot of time to complete
  2. Pc engine - Same reason + colorful.
  3. Switch - The new mario and zelda game was a superb playthrough with alot of nostalgia.
AllTheTrophies Curator Backer Posts: 69 Registered: 7/27/2018
# 30 - Posted on 3/14/2021 14:49:08

Probably most definitely biased since it was my first console, but I still enjoy playing the Genesis. Even a lot of bad games I can still have a fun time