StygianHawk Posts: 4 Registered: 2/7/2020
# 1 - Posted on 11/19/2020 2:14:54

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to ask how you guys categorize a completion when you complete a game as Core + Few Extras and then return to that playthrough to go for a Completionated completion. Do you guys generally keep it as one playthrough and don't mark it completed or do you just do an additional completion without a playthrough or something else entirely? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Lahdgren Posts: 60 Registered: 4/15/2020
# 2 - Posted on 11/19/2020 3:45:54

If I restart I just start a new one entirely, if I'm continuing a profile I start a new playthrough and add my first playthrough as my first time entry

dhobo Curator Backer Posts: 1889 Registered: 1/5/2015
# 3 - Posted on 11/19/2020 17:10:35

Lahdgren's approach sounds about like what I would do as well. Though it's not too often I'll enter something as not completionated unless it's a speedrun or something.