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FletchWazzle Posts: 8 Registered: 12/1/2016
# 1 - Posted on 1/10/2021 3:13:02

I know that there's got to be a system in place to add unfound titles to the database or make someone aware that one need s to be added or whatnot. I just didn't find it in my admittedly brief enquiry in to it.

When I made my best of stack this past year I noticed that Comet Crash 2 wasn't here. I don't track my personal playstation digital titles here but for the purpose of that list it seemed obviously relevant to me.

Thanks for your time.

moho_00 Curator Backer Posts: 5668 Registered: 6/10/2011
# 2 - Posted on 1/10/2021 3:37:18

We have a thread dedicated to new game requests: It's not the most elegant way, but seems to work well