We're looking to collect some feedback from the community!  Check out this thread for your chance to win a $10 Steam gift card.
moho_00 Curator Backer Posts: 5195 Registered: 6/10/2011
# 1 - Posted on 4/2/2021 20:40:09

As you may or may not have noticed, we haven't had a lot of site updates in 2021 so far. The reason for this is because I've been mostly focused on trying to fill out some of the data on the site, primarily for the Browse by Platform page.

That being said, I always have a long list of things I'd like to work on and felt like maybe I should come up for air and see what the community is interested in as a whole.

To that end, I put together a survey for those that would like to provide some feedback. This is a somewhat lengthy survey and covers a wide variety of topics. All of the fields are required, except for the ones where you can enter free-form text. This is a home-grown survey and I'm not using a third party site / API or anything like that. It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but hopefully it's passable

Please note that these are not anonymous surveys and your ID will be tied to the results. Since this is sort of a proof-of-concept kinda thing, I didn't want to get too robust in building out the architecture for collecting survey information. As you'll see when you look at the questions, there isn't any sort of personal identification type stuff (I have no interest in collecting such things.) You will only be able to fill out the survey one time.

I really do appreciate any feedback that you all can provide and to show that, I'm going to randomly select two community members that fill out the survey by 11:59:59pm EST on 4/30/21 and they will each receive a $10 Steam gift card.

If you're interested in filling it out, you can access the survey here: https://www.completionator.com/Survey. You must be logged in before you can access the survey. If you have any issues filling out the survey itself, please let me know here in this thread.

BlackPika Posts: 6 Registered: 12/14/2020
# 2 - Posted on 4/4/2021 17:35:57

Thanks for putting together the survey, I definitely felt it was doable.
The only thing that tripped me up is that it asked if I used the site on a mobile device, which I haven't done ever. But then I still had to answer if I felt it was usable on mobile, so I just answered maybe.

Generally, I think all of the suggestions would improve the site and could be beneficial for some people. I based my answers on my use of the site and whether I could see myself benefiting from or using these features, so there were quite a few No and Maybe answers. I hope that's how it was intended and not discouraging in any way!

XxThundaxX Posts: 50 Registered: 2/24/2019
# 3 - Posted on 4/6/2021 10:45:09

Just wanted to mention this actually a very short survey in my opinion lol, only took me a couple minutes to complete.
Also due to limited options, I ended up using maybe as 'I am indifferent' and no for things I might actively disagree with. eg. maybe for things that won't effect me cause I don't use the feature, etc.