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Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus :
Finding Teddy II :
are the same game, under different titles, depending on when/where/how it was published.

For example, it was originally named FT2 on Windows, but then they changed it to CoT:HoE.
Then, for the physical edition (at least the European one I got), they called it Finding Teddy II: Definitive Edition.

Looked into it a little. Seems PS4/XBONE/PC stuck with Chronicles, but they went back to Finding Teddy 2 for the Switch release? Ok.

I'll add the secondary name to each version we have in the db for now.

Wikipedia page with some mention of the name change:

Steam Store page where the OST dlc title had not been changed:

There are a few posts on their Facebook page from early 2016 which indicate this as well.

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@HiMyNameIsPip - That one should be added now! Just a heads-up that we have a thread dedicated for adding new games (that one is monitored a little more frequently):

@StygianHawk - That should be fixed up now!

@Nocmin - I'll have to think on that one, we've ran into situations similar to this in the past and I want to be consistent.

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@moho_00 Thanks for fixing the FFXV: Windows Edition.

I found similar missing information for
The Last of Us: Remastered -
which contains
The Last of Us: Left Behind -

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@StygianHawk - The Last of Us: Remastered has been converted to a compilation!