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# 429 - Posted on 2/13/2023 22:05:56

Lost Judgment for Xbox Series X -
Bayonetta 3 for Switch -
Tails of Iron for Xbox One -
Beyond a Steel Sky for Xbox Series X -

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Is this still the correct thread to post for missing pricing data? If not, where should I be posting it going forward?

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@stufio - Yes, this is the correct thread. I'm so sorry that your requests were missed and they're taken care of now. You're welcome to bump the thread if ever necessary.
@jkersey450 - For some reason, Completionator isn't pulling up connections to everything that has a pricecharting (in this case, I'm not getting any of the PC ones you mentioned). I'm not sure if this is something @moho_00 knows anything about, but that'd be a question for him.

Thanks for your guys' patience, and again, so sorry about this.

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Unfortunately, VPGC integration for PC games are not supported at the moment.