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  • Warlords (1990)
  • Warlords II (1993)
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Action DooM
Action DooM 2: Urban Brawl
Blood: Dead on Arival
Blood: Re-Blood (v0.1)
Blood: ZBloody Hell
Brutal Chex Quest
Brutal Chex Quest 2
Brutal DooM 64
Brutal Heretic RPG
Brutal Hexen RPG
Brutal Minecraft (TC)
Brutal Strife Doom Marine
Brutal Wolfenstein 3D (TC v4.5)
Chex Quest Strife Levels Packs
Fate: A Doom Total Conversion
Heretic: Masters of Chaos (v 1.1)
Heretic: Sitnalta
Hocus Pocus DooM
Lycanthorn II
Nocturne In Yellow
Return of the Triad
Rise of the Wool Ball (v1.3)
Shadow of the Wool Ball (v1.3)
Shrine II
Silent Hill: GZ PT (v1)
Strife Overhaul 2
Strife Uncut
The Adventures of Square
The Crimson Deed (v2)
Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony (Chapter 2)
Abysm 2: Infernal Contract (TC v1.2)
ALIENS Colonial Marines (TC 2014 Fix)
ALIENS Eradication (TC RC1)
Batman Doom Reborn (TC)
Bloom (TC)
Catacomb: ABYSS (TC v1.0)
Darkmoon (TC Alpha)
Doom Slayer Chronicles (TC v1.0)
DooM: The Ultimate Torment and Torture (TC)
Gene-Tech (TC)
GZShmup (TC)
Mortal Kombat II DooM (TC v2.8.4)
Ultimate Super Doom 3 (v3)
Half-Life: Paranoid (TC Demo)
Jazz Jackrabbit DooM (TC)
Legacy of Suffering (TC)
Metroid DooM Spams (TC)
Quake III: Hunters Moon (TC)
Re-Exhumed (TC Public Test v1.2)
Revenge of Evil: DooM 3 (TC v0.7)
Siren (TC v0.42)
Soulcrusher (TC v1.3)
Startrek DooM (TC)
Star Wars: Chibi Rebellion (TC)
Stronghold (TC)
Total Chaos (TC)
TouHou DooM (TC)
Unreal RPG (TC v171)
VietDoom (TC Alpha 3 Release)
ZanZan (TC)
Zen Dynamics (TC)
Zombies Ate My Neighbors (TC)
WolfenDoom Redux
WolfenDoom Redux Spear of Destiny
WolfenDoom Redux Spear of Destiny Mission Packs
WolfenDoom Redux Spear of Destiny Nocturnal
Temple of the Lizardmen (v2.0)
Temple of the Lizardmen II (v2.0)
Temple of the Lizardmen III (v2.0)
Temple of the Lizardmen IV (v2.0)
Temple of the Lizardmen V
Doom: Golden Souls 3
Doom: Super Mario: Mayhem
John Romero's: Sigil
Quake II: PSX Reborn
Quake II: The Ultimate Torment and Torture
Quake II: Zaero Episode 1
Quake: Dimensions of the Boomed
Quake: QuakeDoom (TC)
Ashes 2063
Ashes 2063: Afterglow
Ashes 2063: Dead Man Walking
Demon Throne (v2.1b)
Duke Forces
Duke Nukem 3D Alien Armageddon
Duke Nukem Forever 2013 DLC (v1.0)
The AMC TC (v3.6.5-4)
37-1-2 Encounter
Astrostein: The Original Laz Rojas Scenario
Astrostein 2
Astrostein 3
Coffee Break
Die Himmler Die
Escape From Totenhaus (Special Edition)
Halten Sie
Operation Serpent
Spear of Destiny: Missions 1st Encounter
Super Noahs Ark 3D: The Invasion (NOAHPAK)
Wolfenstein 3D Claw of Eisenfaust (SNES v3)
Wolfenstein 3D Second Encounter
Arcane Dimensions (v1.8)
DooM+Quake: Slayers Testaments
Dwell Episode I: The Shifting Domain (Patch 2)
Quake: 1.5
Quake: Abyss of Pandemonium
Quake: Beyond Belief
Quake: Contract Revoked
Quake: Episode 5: Dimension of the Past
Raven Keep
Black Mesa: Anti Climax
Brutal Half-Life (Beta 2)
Half-Life: Afraid of Monsters: Directors Cut (0.20)
Half-Life: Azure Sheep (0.20)
Half-Life: Black Ops (0.20)
Half-Life: Cleaner's Adventures (0.20)
Half-Life: Echoes (0.20)
Half-Life: Escape from the Darkness (0.20)
Half-Life: Invasion (0.20)
Half-Life: Night at the Office (0.20)
Half-Life: POKE 646 (0.20)
Half-Life: POKE 646 Vendetta (0.20)
Half-Life: Prison (0.20)
Half-Life: Rebellion (0.20)
Half-Life: Residual Life (0.20)
Half-Life: Residual Point: Residual Life (0.20)
Half-Life: The Gate (0.20)
Half-Life: They Hunger (0.20)
Half-Life: Times of Troubles (0.20)
Half-Life: Top Down (0.20)
Half-Life: Visitors (0.20)
Half-Life: Xen-Warrior (0.20)

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@ekonroth - Those have both been added!

@metsatron - I will do my best, but some of those may be difficult to find images for.

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Thanks @moho_00 you're amazing! About half of these are propper stand alone games. The rest are total conversions that require a base game.
I held back from requesting the addition of DooM megawads, as cool as it would be to track completions...
I'm happy to help with screenshots of title screen for digital only releases that don't have box art.
Just dm me if I can help. I don't think I get notified from @ in a forum post. I'll likely check back to see how you go anyway .

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Glitchpunk - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1459960/Glitchpunk/

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The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: Blackwood CE


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Gal*Gun Returns - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1425730/GalGun_Returns/

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@XxThundaxX and @kw4s - Those have been added!

@elko84 - Do you know what all needs to be included with that one? I know the page you linked lists out some stuff, but I'm not familiar at all with the game and what we have loaded here doesn't match completely with what's on the Microsoft site.

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A few more from my Steam import:
Boomerang Fu
eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE
Hotshot Racing
Path of Giants


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@Lurple - Those have been added!

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Cat Mario - https://www.nintendo.com/amiibo/detail/cat-mario-amiibo-super-mario-series/
Cat Peach - https://www.nintendo.com/amiibo/detail/cat-peach-amiibo-super-mario-series/

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@moho_00 - I mean without getting into the extra mounts and pets and whatnot that comes with it, it basically is a compilation of the base game, plus all the main expansions (Morrowind, Summerset, etc).

I own the base game, but buying this will give me the new expansion, Blackwood, that is coming soon, plus all the current previous expansions.

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Famicom and Super Famicom consoles, please. Thank you.

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Gal*Gunvolt Burst - http://www.galgunvolt.com/en/GGB/

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Some stuff from the Nintendo Direct :)

Mario Golf: Super Rush
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

Thank you!

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@G4L01 - Sorry I didn't get this done earlier, but the stuff from the Nintendo Direct has been added.

@moho_00, if you can add the Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection compilation. Also, might need to add a compilation of the two Famicom Detective Club games, as it appears they are bundled together in the EU, but sold separately in the US. Thanks.

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It is the first dlc for Immortals Fenyx rising.

edit: Forgot to say. It is included in the Gold Edition.

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Thanks for everything you do!

Whipsey and the Lost Atlas:

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Request for a still missing Wanderlust game:

Wanderlust: Transsiberian:


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The compilations should added now, plus I think I took care of the other individual games that were requested!

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Soul Eater: Plot of Medusa - DS
Soul Eater: Battle Resonance - PS2 & PSP

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Lair of the Clockwork God - Switch

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@Cheesyben and @nickrooster - Those have all been added!

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Distraint Collection - https://www.play-asia.com/distraint-collection/13/709k4d - containing:
* Distraint - in DB, https://www.completionator.com/Game/Details/18893
* Distraint 2 - in DB, https://www.completionator.com/Game/Details/44577

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Kemco RPG Selection Vol. 1
Kemco RPG Selection Vol. 2
Kemco RPG Selection Vol. 3
Kemco RPG Selection Vol. 4
Kemco RPG Selection Vol. 5
Kemco RPG Selection Vol. 6

1 is available on PS4 & Switch, the rest are available for only PS4. This is not to be confused with the Kemco RPG Omnibus