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@sin2sin & @CraZMoomshY - Added!

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alr thank you :)

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Rush'N Attack: Ex-Patriot
Platforms: PS3 & XBOX360

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X-Morph: Defense missing

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Zangeki no Reginleiv (Wii)
Monster Hunter G (Wii) (Standard Edition & Starter Pack Edition)
Kessakusen! Ganbare Goemon 1+2: Yuki-hime to Magginesu (GBA)

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@everyone - Those have all been added! X-Morph: Defense was already here under this entry:

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Thank you @moho_00.
It seems like you added some of the games as a compilation and it automatically added other games I don't own to my collection.
When I added Kessakusen! Ganbare Goemon 1+2 (which I own) it also added Ganbare Goemon 2: Kiteretsu Shougun Magginesu for GBA (which I don't own),
same for Monster Hunter G for Wii, it added the PS2 game and the wii classic controller to my collection which I don't own.

I can't delete the games I don't own because they are part of the compilation.
Could you split them all so they are no part of a compilation?

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@Xylvanian - Compilations on the site aren't really associated to platforms on the curator side of things. When you add a compilation to your collection, it will add each sub-game (as you noted). The site assumes these are on the same platform as the compilation entry itself (within your collection). In the case of Kessakusen! Ganbare Goemon 1+2, it's a compilation of two SNES games, so each one is in your collection (separate from the compilation itself). This allows you to enter backlog status (among other things) for each item in a compilation.

Monster Hunter G is a little different because it involves hardware. In that scenario, you would likely want to add Monster Hunter G instead of the Starter Pack to your collection.

All that being said, there's an option within the filters to expand compilations (which is the default), so you can essentially hide them if you don't want to see them. You can also "hide" things on a per-item basis if you want to get certain things out of your default view.

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Rabbit of Destiny -


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@madtom79 - That one has been added!

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@moho_00 thanks for link to X-Morph: Defense. however if you search for "X-Morph: Defense" or "X-Morph" nothing is found: "There were no games matching your search criteria." would be great to check why.

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Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros (2020)

Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda (2021)

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ok another request, please add Yuurei-Kun (Mr. Ghost) for the MSX2 :))

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Please add Evil Tonight. It's currently out on Steam and Nintendo Switch.
I can't find a wiki for it.


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DLC to Dead Cells need adding. "Dead Cells: The Queen and the Sea".
Released Jan 6th 2022.
PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Steam page:''

Developer's twitter:

thank you in advance :)

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@everyone - Those have all been added!

# 4682 - Posted on 1/8/2022 3:36:14

Please can we add 'Cyber Protocol' for the Nintendo Switch. Here's the game on the Nintendo website -

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# 4683 - Posted on 1/8/2022 19:16:54

Can someone please add "Mana Spark Complete Edition" for the Nintendo Switch, and the DLC for the base game?

Mana Spark Complete Edtion
Mana Spark: Forgotten Crypts
(scroll down)

I'm a little confused on which other platforms they are on. On the publisher's site it says Mana Spark (base game) and the DLC is for Switch and PS4. No mention of the Complete Edition nor that the game is on Steam.
Click "Our games" and scroll down to find it.

I can't find the Complete Edition or the DLC searching the Playstation Store though just the base game.

On Steam the game is called just Mana Sparks, but the thumbnail pictures says "Mana Sparks Forgotten Crypts Edition". I found a Steam news page where it says "After the DLC launch, the game base price will have a rise to reflect the price of the new content." So technically Steam should have updated their title of the game? lol

Figures Steam get the DLC for free while on Switch you need to buy the DLC if you don't buy the Complete Edition.

Thanks in advance :)

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# 4684 - Posted on 1/9/2022 1:12:33

Request to have "Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition" added, and also the DLC seperately "Not Tonight: One Love".
It's on Nintendo Switch and Steam. The Take Back Control Edition includes the DLC (and the soundtrack on Steam).

Developer: PanicBarn
Publisher: No More Robots
Release date for base game on Steam: 17 August 2018.
Release date for DLC Not Tonight: One Love on Steam: 25 July 2019.
Release date for the Take Back Control Edition (incl the DLC): 31 January 2020. (The actual day of Brexit, which the game is about)

thank you :)

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Samus & E.M.M.I. Amiibo 2-Pack (Metroid Dread) compilation, containing:
-Samus Amiibo (Metroid Dread)
-E.M.M.I. Amiibo (Metroid Dread)

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# 4686 - Posted on 1/9/2022 2:02:23

Can you add "Wytchwood" into the database?

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4/5, Steam, Epic, GOG
Developer: Alientrap
Publisher: Whitethorn Games
Release date: December 9, 2021

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Deathsmiles I & II -

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# 4688 - Posted on 1/11/2022 5:35:47

Hey everybody! Could you please add the following?

Nintendo DS:
Naruto Ninja Destiny
Naruto Ninja Destiny 2
Bomberman Story DS

Might & Magic: Heroes VI - Pirates of the Savage Sea
Might & Magic: Heroes VI - Danse Macabre
Chrome Spaceforce
Simcity City of Tomorrow
Screamer Rally
CSI Dark Motives
The Sims Complete Edition

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# 4689 - Posted on 1/11/2022 22:34:16

Please Add , Kyoro-Chan no Purikura Daisakusen
Genre: Platform
Publisher: Tomy
Developer: Tomy
Platform: PlayStation
Release Date: February 11, 1999
Thank you :))

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Can you add these games:

Amulet of Time: Shadow of La Rochelle

Around the World in 80 Days

Darkheart: Flight of the Harpies

Garden Variety Body Horror - Rare Import

In Sound Mind


Lost Lands: Redemption

Milo and the Magpies

Ms. Holmes: Five Orange Pips Collector's Edition

Ms. Holmes: The Monster of the Baskervilles Collector's Edition

Otherworld: Omens of Summer Collector's Edition

Otherworld: Shades of Fall Collector's Edition

Prototype Mansion - Used No Cover

Thanks a lot for all the work!